About Us

Formed in 1984 by Stan and Ann Jupp, Trash ‘N’ Stash was built on a foundation of hard work, quality service and customer satisfaction.

Starting with one second-hand truck, Trash’N’ Stash has grown through the years to boast a fleet-of-state-of-the-art equiptment and trucks.

However, there are some things that remain the same. Hard work, attention to detail and a desire to go above and beyond for our customers.

These hallmarks, established in those early days, have been carried on by Ann and Stan’s son Jon, who after starting with the company in 1999 has now become the managing director of Trash ‘N’ Stash, and it’s new driving force.

From those humble beginnings in 1984, Trash ‘N’ Stash has now grown to be able to offer full service waste management, from skips to rear liftout bins and hook lift bins, we can do the lot.

Old fashioned service with the latest modern equiptment, we will be there for you.